aka Why We Need to Use the Word Vagina.

Vajayjay. Vadge. Hoo-ha. Cooter.

Sorry…I don’t speak the language of embarrassment. You are referring to female genitalia, correct? More specifically, you are speaking of the



There. Glad that’s over with.

Guess what? It isn’t a dirty word. Why can Grey’s Anatomy use the word penis 17 times in 1 episode, but when script writers wanted to use the word vagina, network exes did this:

They would rather use the word vajayjay instead of vagina

What did they do instead? They used the word “vajayjay”. That’s right, the original script said “vagina” (because the character is a freaking MEDICAL DOCTOR), but it was changed to a word that doesn’t exist to avoid saying the word vagina.

I guess I can understand the confusion, since “vagina” technically means the canal that runs from the uterus to outside the body, so if you want to be clinically accurate when you describe the outwardly visible female genitalia, feel free to say


Whatever word you chose, just use an actual word. (For the record, despite Oprah Winfrey’s usage of it - vajayjay is not a real word.) For some reason, there is still a great amount of hesitation to use the word vagina (or vulva, for that matter). When we try and “cute-ify” the word, we are implying that there is something gross/dirty/shameful about what we are talking about that needs to be hidden behind a giggle-inducing gibberish word.

Even a tampon company was told they couldn’t use the word vagina.  A tampon company. Let’s think on that one for a moment.

The vagina is LITERALLY where a tampon goes.

I know where I came from – I came from a vagina. Where did you come from? Wait, wait, I know this one:


That’s right, there is an actual word for it. This isn’t a new word. What words do we use instead?

Vajayjay: Right up there with “pee pee” for level of juvenile

Vadge: Adding the “D” is necessary for correct pronunciation. (“Adding the “D”… yeah. I’ll just leave that right there.)

Hoo-ha: It isn’t a donkey.

Snatch: This word was created by an inexperienced individual who mistakenly thought that the vagina had teeth and would “snatch” their penis/finger/dildo away. Let’s not mock their fear any further by continuing to use this word.

Pussy: aka Porn’s Favourite Word.


Why do we care what people call it?

For one thing, using the proper terms for female genitalia facilitates communication, which facilitates knowledge. In this study, 78% of women surveyed said that the “vagina taboo” contributes to women’s ignorance. We shouldn’t be ignorant about our own bodies. But it’s hard to get solid, real information when your search terms or opening dialogue includes the word vajayjay.


We’re all intelligent women here, so can we just agree to not beat around the bush (pun intended) and call our genitalia by a real word?

VAGINA.Or vulva. Or clitoris.Whatever floats your boat.

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