456x78_ShowUsYourV-20 We love sex, honesty, and the internet. So much so that we want to honestly sexify the internet – we want to infuse our corner of the web with visual evidence of women embracing their sexuality, women “Freeing Their V”. Find a “V” wherever speaks to you, snap a pic, and post it on social media with the hashtag #ShowUsYourV and we might feature it on our site. That “V” can be your legs, the top of your butt, your fingers, your elbow…if you see a “V” in anything that speaks to you, take a picture. Tree branches, clouds, your couch are all fair game – if you see a “V”, free it.


Why “V”?


Why do we want you to free your “v”? To us, V stands for female. We’ll just say what everyone is thinking: yes, V stands for vagina. We love vaginas (disclaimer: we might be biased, since we have them). You should love yours too! But if you look a little closer, there are V’s ALL OVER the female body. Between your boobs, the crack at the top of your butt, your collar bone, the crook of your arm. V also stands for victory. We want to challenge mediocrity and be victorious over it – we don’t need another half-ass sex site that glosses over what we really want to know in order to bring us “10 Ways to Contort Yourself Into Impossible Positions and NOT Achieve Orgasm”. Screw that. If you make a V with your fingers, it stands for freedom. We want to be free of bullshit. Facts, honesty, and realism is our MO. We want to be free of expectations – who says I have to be wet when I’m aroused? Or that I want my nipples pinched? Or that I have to enjoy oral? We want to be free of reservations. We want this to be a place where there is no shame, no such thing as a stupid question, and no idea too brazen.


See a V? Free it. #ShowUsYourV

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