Abnormal PAP and HPV

One woman describes her experiences after getting an abnormal PAP – the cause of the abnormalities, the procedures, and what it all felt like.

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How to Clean Sex Toys

Sex toys are great, but clean sex toys are better! We find the facts on how to properly clean your toys based on material.

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FREE ’50 Weeks Of V’ Sex Challenge

Whether your sex life is scorching or burning out, whether you’re single or taken, everyone can use a little motivation the keep the fire alive in the sack.

Sign up for ’50 Weeks of V’ and get an exclusive (and FREE!) sexy challenge every week.

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What Is Queefing?

Just when things are heating up, you hear a farting noise… from your vagina?! It’s called a “queef”. FYV examines the causes of queefing.

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The Art of Body Paint

Is she wearing a corset, or is it just paint? Body paint is an empowering art form that can bring confidence to even the most self-conscious model.

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Sex and Motherhood

Many women lose themselves in the title of “Mom”. Sex & intimacy coach Bridgetta Giles talks about sex and motherhood – yes, they can (and should!) coexist!

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Breast Reduction

Sometimes, big boobs just aren’t ideal. FYV spoke to one woman who decided to get a breast reduction to find out all the nitty gritty details of the process.

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What is Squirting?

Some women squirt, some don’t. But what is squirting really? Is it urine, or something else? FYV discusses all the theories and gets the facts.

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Sex Superstitions

In the spirit of Friday the 13th, we discuss the weirdest sex superstitions out there, and why they are so utterly, hilariously, wrong.

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50 Shades of Mr. Charette

There is no doubt that 50 Shades of Grey is an international phenomenon. We scoured social media and came across this sexy 50 shades inspired photo series.

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