aka Is it Normal to Have Hair on My Nipples?!

The short answer: YES. It is normal.

We have hair follicles around our nipples - you might have noticed very soft, downy-like hairs growing there. But some women also experience longer, darker, and courser hair growth around their nipples. Totally normal! Even Dita Von Teese has nipple hair.

Hair growth tends to be related to hormonal changes - puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, menopause. Some women are more sensitive to the cycle of testosterone in our bodies, and may experience an increase in hair growth when testosterone levels are at their highest.

When is nipple hair NOT normal?

** Abnormal growth is nipple hair is rarely the only symptom of these conditions, so don’t be too worried if the only issue you experience is the nipple hair alone.

Hirsutism: excessive hair growth on the face and body. According to drugs.com: “Hirsutism can be caused by abnormally high levels of androgens or abnormal stimulation of hair follicles even when androgen levels are normal.” This condition can also be caused by certain drugs (like birth control or body building steroids).

Polycystic ovary syndrome - a condition characterized by high androgen levels (“male” hormones), missed or irregular periods, and small fluid filled cysts in the ovaries. The high adnrogen levels may stimulate excess hair growth in areas such as the nipples (similar to hirsutism). Other symptoms may include infertility, weight gain, acne, pelvic pain, and depression.

What if you want to get rid of it?

That’s a completely personal choice. Feel free to leave your nipple hair be. But if you would rather not, then you have a few removal options.

  • Pluck: Use sharp, slanted tweezers and pull the skin around the hair as taut as possible. Then firmly grasp the hair with the tweezers are pull quickly out. (Just like eyebrows!) Because of the nerve endings and “thin” skin around you nipples, you’ll likely feel some stinging.
  • Shave: Make sure your razor is fresh. Hold your fingers over your nipple with one hand, pulling the skin tight. Use the other hand to gently skim the razor over the offending hair. This is a much riskier option because of how sensitive the skin in the area is.

DO NOT USE NAIR (or similar products) ON YOUR NIPPLES.

In the words of Louise Hung from xojane:

Oh, yeah, sure, the hair withered and melted and fell out, but I thought my nipples might, too. They were red, inflamed, bumpy and — for some reason — erect. I walked around for days with major titty hard-ons that caused me to grit my jaw and flinch every time something awful like cotton came into contact with them

Most nipple hair is totally normal. If it bothers you, pluck those suckers out!


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