Part 3 of my breast augmentation story…

Or, as I like to call it: ‘I Can’t Believe That I Actually Got a Boob Job’.

*WARNING*This post is a true breast augmentation story and contains nude images of a woman’s breasts, including nipples.

The first few days following my surgery were not as painful as I expected them to be. I had pictured laying in bed, on tons of painkillers, feeling like I had been hit by a bus, but it was significantly less dramatic than that (I guess my breast augmentation story isn’t a drama!). I was quickly weened off of the pain medicine (it made me throw up, which I will tell you is significantly more painful than the post-op pain without drugs was). My boyfriend was able to take several days off work, which was a blessing; I couldn’t get much of anything done myself for the first few days.

Want to put a shirt on? Nope! You can’t pull things over your head.
Want to sleep comfortably? Nope! You gotta lay on your back all night long.
Want to take a shower? Nope! Good luck reaching up to wash your hair.
Want to nap on the couch? Nope! You must be propped up at all times.
Want to make food? Nope!! You can’t use your arm muscles for anything.

Breast augmentation story breasts after surgeryThe same day as my surgery I was able to get a glimpse at what my chest looked like. Although the incisions were bandaged up, I could certainly see that I was no longer sporting a pair of A’s! As I stared at ‘myself’ (at this point, it was still hard to believe that they were MY boobs in the mirror) I realized how lucky I was. Prior to getting my surgery I had read hundreds of accounts from girls that HATED how their new boobs looked, some of them for up to 3 months post-op. Sure, mine were a little more ‘pointy’ than I would have expected, but I had been many times by my surgeon ‘don’t worry, it will take several weeks for them to settle into their final position’, so I was not worried.

Over the next few days my positive attitude started to wane. Although I still felt that I had made the right decision, I was tired of ‘being in recovery’. I have always been a very active and independent person, so it was a trying experience for me (and likely for those who had to deal with me) to be taken care of for so long. In the spirit of being open and Breast augmentation story breasts after surgerysharing my full experience with everyone, here were the main issues:

1: All surgeons have their own set of rules and suggestions. Through Google searches, I was able to find many people who had different ‘allowed activities’, but I did not want to risk following the instructions of anyone but my surgeon. My mantra became ‘I need to protect my investment’. At first it was easy to sit back and let my man pamper me, but the feeling of uselessness began to wear on me after a few days. I found myself repeating my new mantra more and more often, as I was tempted to try and do things for myself.

2: I had to wear sports bras for the 4 weeks following surgery. Since I have always been active in athletics, wearing a sports bra was nothing new to me, but being forced to wear one made me dream about ‘real bras’. Every time I would pass a La Senza or Victoria Secret I would stare longingly at their selection. I also had to sleep in the sports bra, which meant that my skin wouldn’t get a break from the material. Hello back zits! Not exactly something that makes you feel sexy.

3: I have always been one to sleep on my back, but ‘not being allowed’ to sleep any other way made me want to do exactly that. I am obviously too stubborn for my own good.

4: As nice as it was to relax for the first few days, sitting around all day gets old fat. No gym, no sex, no taking my dog for a walk… I got really bored of watching The Price Is Right and Dr. Phil

Alas, none of this compared to the excitement of looking at myself in the mirror and seeing what I had been dreaming about for years. I’ve taken a week off of work, and will be heading back tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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