Or, as I like to call it: ‘So, I’m Getting a Boob Job’.


In true Free Your V style, I am not here to try to convince you to get a boob job. Hell, I’m not even saying that it’s a good idea for everyone. But I chose to do it, so I am going to bring you all along for the ride: this is my breast augmentation story.

I’ve been thinking about getting a breast augmentation since I was in high school. I was extremely athletic, so I had very little body fat, which meant very small breasts (I know, ‘boohoo, poor you!’).

Typical cheerleader body is tight abs and big breasts: that's part of the reason I started this breast augmentation storyAt this point in time, I was a competitive cheerleader. As I watched the routines of professional cheer teams, I began to see a clear trend. If there was two things that it seemed like every cheerleader had it was abs and big boobs.

I had the abs down pat… but my barely B chest certainly wasn’t going to fill out a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader’s outfit any time soon. I was proud of my athletic body, but I couldn’t help but wonder if I would look better with larger breasts.

Within the first few months of university I found myself packing on the famous freshman fifteen. Although a decent percentage of those extra pounds went to my thighs, the remainder found a home in a place that I had never dared to dream was possible; I had boobs!

I had never had body image issues, but my new found curves gave me an added boost of confidence. My tops became more low-cut, my bikinis smaller, and I dared to wear only a sports bra as a top at the gym. Ironically, I was more confident than ever, yet I had a higher body fat percentage than ever before. For me, having a pair of big, round D’s was more important than tight thighs and visible abs. My body stayed pretty much the same over the next 4 years.

After graduating university I began to notice the pounds (and therefore the size of my chest) slowly slipping away. Although the exact culprit is unclear, I suspect a combination of being able to cook for myself, having a regular sleep schedule, and getting back to the gym for the first time in years. Within a year I was back to wearing a B bra. I was also wearing size 2 pants again, but that fact was greatly overshadowed by the fact that I ‘no longer had boobs’. I still liked my body, but I didn’t love it anymore. I missed my big breasts. The thoughts from high school about breast augmentation started to creep back in…

Breast augmentation is second most popular surgery in US in 2013

Over 313 000 women had breast augmentation in the USA in 2013. This year, I am going to be one of them.

I I I spent an obcene amount of time researching breast augmentation online. When I felt ready to take the next step, I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss the options. During the consultation I asked the doctor question after question after question. I left that day feeling well informed and confident that this was the right choice for me.

And then I waited.

I continued to look up ‘the best plastic surgeons’ online and booked another consult for 6 months later. Even though my first appointment went perfectly, I wanted to get a second opinion. And, eventually, I got a third one. I also started to save. Although the exact amount for the surgery varied between the surgeons, I knew that I was going to need between $10,000 and $13,500 CAD. As a recent graduate, that was not going to come easily.

It took me 2 years to save enough money. As I watched my friends splurge on shopping trips, I worked extra hours to add to my stockpile. Soon enough, it was all going to pay off.
And ladies, that time is now! Today is my final pre-op appointment before my surgery. Although we have discussed it before, today is when I will be deciding on the size, incision location, type of implant, and placement (more on that in this article). My breast augmentation story is one step closer to being complete.

Wish me luck!


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