About Free Your V

What does “Free Your V” mean? It means we were tired of websites that talked down to us about sex, that showed us sex positions we’re 110% certain would only cause us to pull a muscle, and that didn’t discuss the things we actually want to talk about (like getting a boob job, or if vaginal wipes actually work, or what it’s like to be an escort, or porn that doesn’t involve facials). We wanted to “free” ourselves from those kinds of sites, and embrace our sexuality on a site that was by women, for women. Except… that site didn’t exist. We searched and searched, but in the haystack of the internet, there was no needle. So, “Free Your V” was born.

We want this to be the place that you go to for all things sex. We are unabashed, undaunted, and open to ideas: we want to create original content, and curate the best content already out there. There will be informative articles, interesting guest bloggers, videos, product reviews, tips, debates, news, and anything else we can dream up. Intelligent discussion about sexuality, from the perspective of women everywhere.

Join our movement. We want you to #ShowUsYourV . We want to see free, confident women expressing themselves and loving their sexuality – find sensuality in that little V at the top of your butt, or in tree branches, or your legs… whatever gets you going. Real women who are sassy, sexual beings, who want more from the Internet, and who want to free their V: show us what you got. We want to showcase your pictures on our website, because this is all about you (and a little about us, if we’re being honest). We love sex, honesty, and the internet. Let’s combine those things and banish the bullshit about sex.

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