Narcolepsy And Sex

In honor of National Narcolepsy Awareness Day one woman shares how living with this rare sleep disorder can affect dating and sexual relationships.

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Vaginal Douching

Many women douche for hygienic reasons. However, douching actually causes a whole slew of health problems!

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30 Day Orgasm Challenge

Orgasms have a slew of health benefits. Plus, they are just awesome. That’s why we created the 30 day Orgasm Challenge! #30DaysofO

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BDSM 101: Consent

Ms Morgan Thorne – lifestyle dominant, Professional Dominatrix, former health care worker, outreach worker – talks about CONSENT in the BDSM lifestyle.

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The Vagina Monologues

VDay 2015 aims to help stop violence against women with a fantastic production of “The Vagina Monologues.” We interview some of the cast.

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The Plus Size Model Debate

Ashley Graham has caused a stir after being featured in an ad campaign in Sports Illustrated. Her feature has raised the plus size model debate.

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Too Tired for Sex?

“Not tonight, honey – I’m tired.” Turns out, being too tired for sex is not just a lame excuse! There are legitimate reasons for being too tired for sex.

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What is a Vajayjay?

Why do we insist on using words like vajayjay and not vagina? There is nothing wrong with the word vagina, so let’s banish the cutesy words and get real.

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Get Rid of an Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs seem to be inevitable when you shave or wax. There are some pretty simple ways to prevent them, and an easy way to remove them.

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